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For generations, music creators have employed their talent, time, technology, and lots of long hours and hard work to capture the imaginations and hearts of millions of people around the world. 


While every songwriting and recording contract is different, the underlying promise — either explicit or implicit— is the same: music creators create, business partners like publishers, broadcasters, or filmmakers monetize, and we both share in the results. It is the ultimate partnership, based on shared interests, tradition, and faith in what we create together.


But all of that is at risk due to giant networks and tech companies looking to claim a bigger share of the pie. With a new crop of lawyers who don’t know or care about the partnerships that have built this industry and businesses that think of themselves as tech companies, not collaborators, they are continually busy dreaming up ways to cut what they pay for one of the fundamental components of their business: our music. 


These ultra-powerful corporations are actively working to force us into exploitative take it or leave it contracts, a shakedown that replaces the idea of “shared interests” with big tech’s rallying cry of “I got mine.”


It’s never been more important to fight back and stop these unfair contract changes before they are locked in.


Join us and make your voice heard as part of a united music community standing up for our right to fair business relationships and the value of the music we create.

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